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2023 brings you the hottest producer tools every month in 2023. Every 23rd of each month you'll receive an update with sounds, midi, loops, drum kits and instrument plugins you'll actually want to use. 2023 brings you everything essential to a producer so that you can make beats smarter and faster. Curated monthly content perfect for any Hip Hop, Drill, Trap and Pop hitmaker. Every month will be unique. We'll make sure to keep up with the trends of music in 2023 so you always have what's hot!  

*** Price is a one-time fee. Updates will begin February 23, 2023.  No subscription required. Updates will be sent to your email every 23rd of each month.***

January 2023: Song Starters (Chords) & 2023 Drum Kit
February 2023: Ambience, FX and Textures Kit
March 2023: Loop Kit
April 2023: TBD
May 2023: TBD
June 2023: TBD
July 2023: TBD
August 2023: TBD
September 2023: TBD
October 2023: TBD
November 2023: TBD
December 2023: TBD

Digital download only. Instant download at checkout and delivery via email (including monthly updates).

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