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Im A Music Mogul plugins only run in 64-Bit mode and comes in VST3 and AU (Audio Units) formats. Please ensure your DAW is updated to the latest version and running in 64-Bit mode. In rare circumstances, it may be necessary to clear your Audio Units cache in order to get newly-installed AU plugins to show up. This generally only happens if the cache has somehow been corrupted.

Click here for a walkthrough if your license is not working.

This isn’t usually necessary, but if it is, here’s how you can clear your Audio Unit cache:

1. Close Logic Pro and open Spotlight Search (cmd + space bar)
2. Go to ~/Library/Caches/AudioUnitCache/
3. Manually delete the com. apple.audiounits.cache file (to force a complete new plug-ins scan).
4. Re-open Logic Pro X.
5. Reboot the computer (mandatory).

I’ve followed all of the above steps, but the plugins aren’t showing up. What now?

First try rebooting your computer. OS 10.13/10.14 (High Sierra/Mojave) often requires a reboot to recognize the new plugins. You may need to rescan your Audio Units in order to have Logic recognize that a new Audio Unit has been installed:

1. Open up the Audio Unit Manager (in the menu bar, select Logic Pro->Preferences->Audio Unit Manager).
2. Click “Reset and Rescan Selection” at the bottom of the Audio Unit Manager window to rescan the Audio Units.


Before you can use a plug-in within FL Studio, you must enable it in the Plug-in Manager menu first. This is the most common reason why plug-ins won’t show up on a track after installation. Follow these steps to enable a plug-in:

1. Go to the Options menu and click Manage Plug-ins.
2. In the plug-in window, make sure that the folder you installed your plug-in is listed and also has a white checkmark. If it isn’t listed, click the folder with a plus sign icon, and add it. Lastly, click Scan All.
2. After scanning is complete, locate your plug-in on the list and enable it by clicking the checkmark.

Make sure you also loading the right type of plugin as FL Studio uses two different types of plug-ins. Effects such as reverb or compression, and virtual instruments like drums or synths. If you try and add it to the incorrect spot, the plug-in will not show up. Follow these steps to load it to the project correctly.

For Effects:

1. Navigate to the Mixer window and select the track you want to add the effect on.
2. Click on an empty slot, then select the plug-in.