What to do if your License is not working?

If you've recently purchased/updated your computer and your plugin license is prompting an error code, then you may need to follow the steps below to delete/reset the Im A Music Mogul license folder on your computer.

This way we will force your IAMM plugins to create a new one license key. Here are the step-by-step instructions to access system level Library:

1. Open a new finder window. 

2. Hit Go in the top toolbar,

3. Next, hold down the option key. You will notice a new option pop up - called Library (this is the system level library). It will be between Home and Computer. 

4. Select folder Application Support.

5. You will see a folder called LicenseSpring

6. Open the folder and delete the folders inside (just the folder with the name of the plugin your having issues with - example below is Duckout).

7. Open logic and open the plugin > and enter your user license.