• Drums Bundle

    Drums Bundle

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    Drums Bundle includes all our drum kits with over 1K exclusive, placement ready samples for any genre:

    - Trëndy (Rage)
    - Ye (Rap/Hip Hop)
    - Summer Fuego (Moombahton)
    - London Streets (Drill)
    - Astro Drums (Trap)
    - Cactus Boys (Rap/Trap)
    - Billie Drums (Pop)
    - Utopia (Album Kit)
    - For All The Dogs (Album Kit)
    - Scary Hours 3 (Album Kit)
    - HEROES & VILLAINS (Album Kit)
    - American Dream (Album Kit)
    - VULTURES 1 (Album Kit)
    - Donda (Album Kit)
    - We Don't Trust You (Album Kit)
    - We Still Don't Trust You (Album Kit)
    - Bonus: Hot Hats (HiHat MIDI Kit)

    Note: This bundle will be updated to include every new drum kit we release. 

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