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Duckout is a Swiss-army knife of sidechain plug-ins, offering a streamlined layout to create the space you want for any vocal or instrument  using intuitive and intelligent sidechain algorithms. 

Sidechain processing plays a fundamental role in professional mixing. It can be used to clarify elements in the mix or as an effect. Duckout combines both of these techniques into one easy to use plugin to help you sidechain sounds perfectly with minimal effort. 

Designed for producers, Duckout offers you two types of sidechain practices with an added built-in intelligence: 

  • Easily get two clashing sounds to fit together in a mix by “ducking” one from the other. Duckout will also “listen” to the sidechain input and apply an intelligent EQ to help your sounds fit perfectly in the mix.
  • Achieve an instant ducking effect to simulate sidechain compression, saving you the need to route the kick (or hi-hat) track to the sidechain input of a compressor.

Setting up sidechains as a dynamic tool can be very time consuming. Setting up proper attack & release times, ratio and threshold parameters can also be tricky. Duckout (in PUNCH mode) is an intelligent sidechain plugin that not only does all the heavy lifting for you but also incorporates an intelligent EQ to help mold/shape your sounds even further - all done automatically. It intelligently listens to the signal, providing you with a clean output.  

Sidechain as an effect is a powerful way to duck or pump your sounds, usually achieved by feeding a bass drum into the sidechain of a mix buss or a channel’s compressor. This process, too, can be very time consuming. Duckout (in PUMP mode) will save you the need to manually route the bass drum into the compressor sidechain, with 3 built-in LFO shapes to give your sound movement. The Time menu also allows you to synchronize the internal LFO at various intervals, not only at the usual quarter-bar interval. This makes Duckout a tool with further creative possibilities, such as rapid gating effects.

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Duckout comes in AU, VST3 for Mac and VST3 for PC/Windows

Duckout (Manual)