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  • FX Plugin Bundle
  • FX Plugin Bundle
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    FX Plugin Bundle

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    Experience a new level of production with the FX Plugin Bundle. Enhance your melodies, improve your mix, and add color and width to masters with the top effect chains used by the likes of Travis Scott, Drake, and Metro Boomin.

    1. Duckout creates space and clarity in your mixes with its' (4) dedicated A.I. algorithms, effortlessly with just one knob.   

    Duckout plugin walkthrough

    2. Sampld 
    is a creative effect plugin that captures the soul of vintage studio tape machines, the lofi crunch of a cassette player and even lush sounding guitar pedals.

    Sampld plugin walkthrough

    3. Wavy captures the secret signal chain top producers use in their mixes to get thick, glossy and wide mixes with minimal effort.

    Wavy plugin walkthrough

    4. Wide is a stereo imager designed to widen any vocal, instrument, sample or master mix with complete mono-compatibility, ensuring your signal remains in phase with itself when summed to mono.

    Wide plugin walkthrough