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SAMPLD adds the warm, lofi sound of tape to any track or mix. Whether you want the warmth of studio tape, the lofi crunch of a cassette, gentle tape hiss, or crazy delays that sound like lush reverbs, SAMPLD has you covered. A creative effect plugin that easily recreates the sound of vintage recording equipment. Adding unmatched character to any sound, modelled from famous and sought after tape machines and samplers.  

SAMPLD’s 7 effect modules work great on their own or together. Easily scale all effect modules and controls with a single knob:

ELEMENT A collection of presets to capture vintage characteristics built from real analog sources.

BITS Recreate the sound of vintage digital gear like old-school samplers, and the way bit rate reduction color sound.

FILTER Shape your sound with 2 filter modes - depending on how much cutoff you apply, your sound will dramatically shift: 

STOCK Low “Q” (transparent)

HYPER High “Q” (adds resonance)

NOISE Add subtle (or not so subtle) analog hiss

WOBBLE Add pitch instability for that wonky lofi feel

GLOW Analog width and thickness.

WARMTH Analog style soft clipping for some extra crunch

PRESETS FOR ANY TRACK OR MIX. SAMPLD's included tailor made presets let you get to work right away.



  • macOS 10.14 or higher. 
64 bit DAW and OS. 

  • Windows 7, 8 or 10.
64 bit DAW and OS.

SAMPLD comes in AU, VST3 for Mac and VST3 for PC/Windows. You will receive both Mac OS and Windows version of the plugin via email after purchase.