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Duckout has everything you need for professional sidechaining in one fast, easy to use plugin. Stop fiddling around with compressors and drop Duckout on any track to instantly duck the volume on any sound to create space and clarity for other instruments in your mix using one knob.

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Designed for producers, Duckout, the master of sidechain, offers you two modes with built-in intelligence: Punch and Pump.

1. Punch

Easily get two clashing sounds to fit together in a mix by ducking one from the other. Duckout adapts and listens to the sidechain input and applies intelligent dynamic EQ and compression to help sounds fit perfectly in the mix with your choice of 4 professionally crafted algorithms.

2. Pump

Get that instant ducking effect to simulate sidechain compression, saving you the need to route the kick (or hi-hat) track to the sidechain input of a compressor with your choice of 3 built-in LFOs.


PC: Window 7 or Higher. Formats: VST3 (64-Bit)
Mac: macOS 10.14 or higher. Formats: AU (64-Bit) , VST3 (64-Bit)

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